Time for reflection

The beautiful bedroom of digital creator Anna Cecilie Philipp exudes soothing Scandinavian aesthetics and timeless design; a lovely story of entering motherhood without compromising on family time nor elegant decoration.

A pleasant mix of new and old

Interior design has always been a big part of Anna’s life. From an early age she shared the interest with her father, and the talk across the dinner table often ventured into further exploration of their shared passion. “It has always been something that we shared together,” she explains. Anna has long had a soft spot for Danish design but being a student there wasn’t always enough money for new furniture. That is when she started shopping secondhand. These bargained treasures are still very much present in her interior décor today with some new items having been added along the way.

I prefer a calm setting with few elements like bedding
in a timeless look paired with walls in muted colours and draped curtains
to give the bedroom a luxurious expression.

Scandinavian minimalism

What makes Danish design so appealing to Anna is the timeless and minimalist nature of the Danish design tradition: “I always go for what I know will have a long lifespan in terms of style.” This is especially true in her bedroom where the minimalist style works to create a relaxing atmosphere that suits the room: “It has to be a welcoming experience when entering the room.” This philosophy is evident throughout the décor, from Anna’s choice of soft textiles to her use of colours that complement one another. “I prefer a calm setting with few elements like bedding in a timeless look paired with walls in muted colours and draped curtains to give the bedroom a luxurious expression.”

Inspired, but true to herself

Anna is a freelance digital creator, generously sharing glimpses of her everyday life through her Instagram account.
She primarily shares pictures of her home décor and her daughter Gudrun, who often explores the beautiful rooms with great curiosity. Instagram is also, along with Pinterest and online interior magazines, the place where Anna finds most of her inspiration for her own décor. “Even though I always stay true to how I decorate, I can still be inspired.”

A balanced lifestyle

Anna’s morning routine is focused on comfort and family time. Early in the morning, Anna and her boyfriend, Jacob, bring their daughter to their bed for a slow morning start together. Anna showers, while Jacob makes coffee and breakfast. “An important part of our morning routine is having breakfast together, every day.”
A routine that they have kept since they became parents. After Gudrun has been taken to day care, Anna has more time to herself. She enjoys a cup of coffee in bed to the soothing surroundings of her bedroom. The perfect way for her to prepare for yet another productive and creative day.

Anna Cecilie Philipp

Anna’s byNORD favourites accentuate her elegant and confident design choices. In her bedroom, Anna decorates with the grey Gunhild throw pillows and the Hilda bed throw in dove grey, woven with a waffle effect. Altogether, they create a coherent look. “What I like about byNORD are the high-quality materials and subtle patterns. You can style the bedding in many ways because of the harmonious colour palette.” Her preferred bedding is the patternless design series called Ingrid paired with the blue-striped Dagny pillows to evoke a relaxed and intimate vibe. Because, as Anna says: “It always looks lovely and inviting.”

Shop the style

Bed linen, Ingrid, Snow

Pillow case, Dagny, Snow w. ocean

Bed throw, Hilda, Dove

Throw pillow cover, Gunhild, Rock


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