Shifting seasons

Content Creator Line Jelsbech adapts her bedroom décor to the changes of the season.
Autumn, winter, spring, and summer. The bedroom is like an empty canvas ready to be inhabited by her creative ideas.

An empty canvas

“The bedroom is the room in our home that changes the most, just like an empty canvas,” Line explains. It is kept in neutral colours, which makes it the perfect setting for her decorating endeavours. “It is my personal spot because I can easily swap furniture or add a few new items which will change the entire expression of the room.” By using handpicked décor as mood enhancers, Line has turned the bedroom into an ever-changing scenery where she unleashes her love for decorating in accordance with the shifting seasons.

I draw inspiration from nature when decorating and somehow, I always end up adapting the interior to the different seasons throughout the year.

Natural contrasts

Recently, Line embarked on a new decorating venture. As warmer days get closer, she wants to welcome spring indoors with playful contrasts, organic shapes and different materials to create a new seasonal look. “I really like to see and feel the immediate effect of for instance swapping a vase with another interior piece to reflect that spring is here,” Line says. While complementing the seasonal changes, she remains true to her fundamental principles for the key characteristics and function of her bedroom. “To me the purpose of bedroom styling is to create a certain atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable. It is a room where I can wind down and feel good.”

Classics and dusty colours

Line lives with her husband and three children in a luxurious home that used to be a former doctor’s house but has been refurbished into a modern house with beautiful wooden floors and panels. Respecting the soul of the old house, Line wonderfully combines a dusty colour palette with her eye for details in each interior solution. She particularly has a soft spot for classics, so Danish interior design takes up a lot of the space. “I also adore colours and the way they exist in multiple nuances. I’m not too fond of bright colours, though. Instead, I would describe our home as classical and subtle,” Line says.

Luxurious settings

Besides drawing inspiration from nature, Line’s decorating choices are made through a structured styling approach balanced by her feminine instinct. “Before I start decorating, I decide on a colour scheme. Then I work through the process of choosing furniture, décor and materials.” Other important elements are tactile surfaces. “I really like to enter a room which encourages me to use my senses and touch the surfaces. The trick is to combine different materials and shapes, so that’s what I try to achieve with my interior.” Line’s interior style cannot be easily defined but rather comes down to instinct and a desire to spruce things up.

Line Jelsbech

Versatile spaces are high up on Line’s agenda when it comes to decoration. The bedroom décor and furniture are kept in neutrals, leaving plenty of room for her byNORD favourites. “I love the big throw pillows in different shapes – rectangular and square – they look beautiful together. Also, the combination of cotton and linen gives a feeling of luxury at nighttime because of their crisp and light qualities.” Line adds another layer of luxury by pairing different materials, colours and patterns. The elegant, striped bed linen is mixed with the elegant Ingrid design and framed by the greenish brown Gunhild bed skirt. It is must-have bedroom styling for the season.

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Bed linen, Dagny,
Snow W. Coal

Basket, Tumba, Rock

Bed skirt, Gunhild, Bark

Pillow case, Ingrid, Snow


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