Heavenly bedroom feels

In the home of Pernille Baastrup, clean lines and beautiful simplicity are manifested throughout the interior decoration, creating a heavenly spot with plenty of room for Scandinavian aesthetics and family life.

Tiny Italian tale

When asked to describe her interior style, Pernille Baastrup recalls her trip to an Italian city. A true love story of a bustling city experience and a revolutionary moment of calm amidst all the chaos: “I remember once being in Napoli, with its small hectic streets. I remember taking the lift to the fifth floor of our hotel. And I remember arriving in a room where all the walls were white, and everything was bright. As I entered the room, I instantly felt a sense of peace and quiet and could finally relax. It felt like a short visit to heaven, and that is the feeling I aspire to create in my own home.” The story beautifully encapsulates Pernille’s approach to decorating. She adores the elegance of white hues, simple décor and the calming effect they bring when combined.

“I have no rules when it comes to decorating. I just try something and don’t think too much about what I’m doing.”

Everlasting quality

When it comes to her home décor Pernille is quite considerate. A lot of her inspiration comes from Instagram, but she also does a lot of research herself: “When I buy something, I consider it quite carefully beforehand. I want to spend my money on something that I know will last for years.” Many of the objects in Pernille’s home have a rich history and have been with her for many years. Nevertheless, there is still room for spontaneous additions and the shakeups that they provide: “I have no rules when it comes to decorating. I just try something and don’t think too much about what I’m doing.” By creatively using elements such as posters and flowers, Pernille likes to change things up from time to time.

Behind the camera

Pernille lives in an apartment in Copenhagen with her boyfriend, Kasper, and their two boys, Ivan and August. She works as a marketing consultant and primarily uses Instagram in her free time: “Instagram is a hobby for me and has always been a way to share glimpses of my dream décor.” Scrolling down her beautiful Instagram feed, you are left with no doubt as to why Pernille has a large community of followers, it is simply stunning. Pernille and her followers love the beautiful white walls and the clean look of the home. However, Pernille faces a dilemma. Because such a tidy room can be quite difficult to maintain with two children. “Behind the camera it is sometimes a mess, and when the apartment is a mess, I don’t feel completely at home, but that is life with two young boys.” The highly admirable achievement of Pernille and Kasper is that they have managed to create a natural and beautiful home with plenty of room for family life.

A sense of home

What Pernille values the most when it comes to home décor is how it makes her feel: “When traveling, even though you are visiting wonderful places, there is just nothing better than a space nicely decorated with items that have a story to tell. That is where I feel at home and most at peace.” This sense of home is evident in the bedroom styling, which is an elegant space with clean white walls. For Pernille it is important to evoke a calming effect that surrounds you as soon as you enter the room. Her children, however, have a different agenda. They love jumping on the bed and playing with their toys. So even though the bedroom is a pleasant space, it is also a place where the children can have fun and make a beautiful mess.

Pernille Baastrup

To embrace a calm and heavenly feeling in the bedroom, Pernille keeps everything tidy right from early morning. She enjoys making the bed while she lets in the fresh air – ready to take on the day. The calm colour choices of byNORD are particularly valued by Pernille: “I really like the colours because they are neutral and peaceful, which contributes to the calmness that I like.” The combination of green and classical striped bed linen creates a beautiful ensemble with the grey quilt in stonewashed cotton. Use the quilt as a bedspread or wrap yourself in it as an alternative to a comfy throw in the living room.

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Bed linen, Dagny, Snow w. coal

Pillow case, Ingrid, Bark

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