Dreamy everyday escapes

Bright colours and flair for minimalist design encapsulate the home of Katja Nordkvist, who effortlessly manages to exhibit a scenery of dreamy elegance and calm in every room.

A curiosity for decorating

Ever since going to school, Katja Nordkvist has been interested in home decoration. When visiting friends and family, she often noticed their homes and fetched decoration ideas for her next projects. Katja attributes her curiosity for interior design to her mother, who also loves decorating and often painted and moved things around in Katja’s childhood home. However, it was when Katja finally got the opportunity to decorate her own house that her interest in home interior really picked up speed. Today, Katja enjoys a style that she describes as “bright, light and minimalistic,” and she likes to be up to date with the newest interior trends, big or small.

A bedroom can be more subdued and not as bright as the other rooms in the home. In fact, I prefer that look.

Composition and colour perfection

The beautiful décor in the bedroom is not left to chance: “I thought a lot about the placement of the bed, straight across from the closets, accompanied by wall lamps and nightstands to give the room a harmonious look.” While Katja describes her style as bright and light, she is not afraid of taking her styling preferences into a different direction if a room can benefit from it. This is exactly what she did when choosing the wall paint colours: “A bedroom can be more subdued and not as bright as the other rooms in the home. In fact, I prefer that look. That is why we picked a tone for the walls that is a little darker.”

A bedroom for day and night

Juggling motherhood and a student life can be challenging, and sleep is often in short supply. That is why Katja sets a high standard for her bedroom décor, as she uses the room for a moment of calm, away from the busy everyday life. “I spend a lot of time in here. If my kids need a nap, they can sleep outside, just beneath the bedroom window while I relax and keep an eye on them.” As Katja uses the bedroom a lot during the day, it has become a place for contemplation – perfect for little escapes to recharge throughout the day.

Stylish cocooning

Sometimes Katja’s beautiful bedroom décor ventures into other rooms. This happens when she sees the chance for a quick nap on the couch in her lovely living room because she enjoys curling up under her duvet for a complete experience of pure relaxation. Katja’s confident choice of combining bright, yet calm interior with an elegant sense of style, perfectly matches her subtle-coloured bedding. She manages to create a coherent style that lets elements from one room be used in every other room without making it look out of place. This even applies to her pillows and duvets that blend into the living room with style.

Katja Nordkvist

Katja’s preferred byNORD designs radiate the relaxed and elegant aesthetics that she values so much. To elevate the entire expression of the bedroom and create a hub for relaxation, Katja matches a few interior items with soft bedding in subtle colours like the Gunhild bedskirt in the elegant grey ‘rock’, paired with the upholstered headboard Hesthoei in the calm, light colour ‘snow’. The result is a dreamy look of greys and a mix of materials.

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Bed linen, Ingrid, Thunder

Headboard, Hesthoei, Snow

Bed skirt, Gunhild, Rock

Wall lamp, Midtre, Coal


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