Cosy temptations

Earthy shades paired with textiles soft to the touch make up the inviting atmosphere in the home of Maja Sode, who balances the personal and practical with a tasteful styling approach of her very own.

Past and present

Maja used to beg her siblings for permission to redecorate their rooms, which meant dragging chairs and beds to a dreadful scratching sound. Today, Maja enjoys having her own house, where she can redecorate the rooms as she pleases. She even has her husband’s approval: “From an early stage in our relationship, we made a deal. I can redecorate as much as I want if I sell old items before buying new.” Maja acquires a few new interior pieces on a regular basis, but in a way that is both mindful of the environment and her inner interior enthusiast.

A home should be inviting and have a lived-in atmosphere because you should be able to see that someone actually lives there.

A homely interior agenda

Maja enjoys a style that she describes as Nordic and simple, without too much fuzz. “I wouldn’t say that my style is minimalistic, but I do prefer simple clean lines without the interior giving off a stringent exhibition-like vibe. A home should be inviting and have a lived-in atmosphere because you should be able to see that someone actually lives there.” Maja combines colours, such as nudes and browns, with natural materials and warm textiles to evoke a comfortable feeling, which she values highly. “It is important for me to decorate for a homely look, and I find that the warmer tones bring that feeling more than the cold ones,” Maja explains. Her favourite colours are at the warmer end of the spectrum; however, this was not always her preference: “Ten years ago, everything was grey, blue and white.” During the past years of experimenting, Maja has found her own unique style that oozes of comfort and beautiful aesthetics.

Room for family

Together, Maja and her husband Anders have created a home with plenty of room for silly ideas and creativity. Lots of it. The bedroom turns into a hub of family time where they exchange bedtime stories and much fun play out: “My kids love jumping on the bed and their favourite activity is changing the sheets. When I take off the duvet covers, they leap across without touching the sheet, and they want me to dash the cushions lightly against their faces, just for the fun of it.”

Perfect imperfections

A love for perfect imperfections reflects Maja’s personal approach to decorating. She celebrates the tiny things in life and anything that makes a room look lived-in and attractive. The bedroom is no exception. Pretty, wrinkly bedding for slumber and sleep-ins during the week and for lazy weekends make up her approach to styling the bedroom. She is also an advocate for adding interior in natural materials to evoke a calming effect. “I always try to incorporate décor with a few details that make my thoughts wander off into nature. This can be plants or wooden furniture,” Maja concludes.

Maja Sode

Layers upon layers of textiles and earthy shades in tone-on-tone reveal Maja’s affection for comfy bedroom vibes. She adores a freshly made bed of crispy bedding with a worn-in and casual feel to it. “Soft cotton mixed with the more rustic qualities of linen is my favourite combination because it wrinkles in such a pretty way,” Maja explains. In her bedroom, she taps into the broad byNORD assortment by using textiles as mood enhancer and as a tool to improve room acoustics. Enjoy the combination of stonewashed throw pillow covers from the Gunhild design series paired with handpicked interior items to pull the look together.

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Bed skirt, Gunhild, Berry

Pillowcase, Ingrid, Snow

Throw pillow cover, Gunhild, Berry

Quilt, Magnhild, Berry


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